Some Favorite Photographs From My Camera
Richard Copley
Viewed from the pedestrian overpass, the railway station at Rye on England's southern coast looks like a toy train depot.
Quaint, modest houses line cobbled streets in Rye where, for centuries,smuggling was the chief industry.
Opulence prevails in the manor house at Wrest Park, the home of the first Duke of Kent.
Each day, preciously at noon, the ball on the roof of Greenwich Observatory drops as a signal for sailors to set their navigational chronographs.
Greenwich Observatory serves the duel purpose of being the zero point for the World's time zones and its longitudinal lines..
Mary Ann stands on the Prime Meridian, where the measurement of time and longitude begin.
Saint Paul's Cathedral appears to grow larger with each step as pedestrians cross the Thames on London's Millennium Bridge.
A few of the many turrets and towers at Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle has over 1000 rooms spread over acres of land.
Swans on the Thames near Windsor Castle
The Romans settled in Bath, England because of the abundence of mineral water.
The thirteen carved heads that ring the perimeter of the Sheldonian Theatre are an iconic feature of Oxford University
With evidence of teaching as early as 1096, Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world.
Bodleian Library, Oxford University
A view of the Seine winding through Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower
Paris's iconic landmark from a boat on the Seine
Notre Dame from the Seine
From our hotel balcony in Paris, we could oversee the Rue Monge and the little sidewalk cafe where we ate dinner
Over-the-top elegance is everywhere at the Palace of Versailles just outside Paris
The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles
Meanwhile, back home, life is a little more basic
Harness racing at the county fair
1938 Ford root beer truck, family owned and operated since it was new - a perennial at the county fair, and the source of my annual root beer float.
This same scene, with dried corn in the foreground field, is on a previous page.
General Grant's headquarters at City Point, Virginia
Upper level of the Virginia State Capitol Building
Statue of George Washington in the rotunda of the Virginia State Capitol Building