Some Favorite Photographs From My Camera
Richard Copley
Lake Champlain, Vermont
Life imitates art or vise versa in our kitchen
Sunset in our living room
Full moon from our back kitchen window
The renowned stain glass windows at the cathedral in Leon, Spain
The ceiling and chandeliers in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles
The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles
Two wings of the Palace of Versailles
A view of Paris from halfway up the Eiffel Tower
New and old at the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia
The remains of the schoolhouse built for the 1970 film "Ryan's Daughter" on the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
South Carolina moon
The Statue of Liberty shown in scale with admiring visitors
A triple-view study of the iconic statue
Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain in the U.K.
The amazing scale of the stone monument with Mary Ann and Rich
The Washinton Monument and the Capitol from Arlington Cemetery
Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington Cemetery
The Virginia State Capitol Building doubled as the Confederate Capitol during the Civil War
The Moat Garden at Windsor Castle in England
A small part of Windsor Castle in England
Dusk in Venice, Italy
Rooftops in Verona, Italy
View from Volterra, an ancient fortified hill town in Tuscany
Fortified wall and bridge in the old city of Toledo, Spain
A colonial tavern in Williamsburg, Virginia
An open eating area at the rear of restaurants in Zaragoza, Spain