Some Favorite Photographs From My 3-D Camera
You will need red/cyan anaglyph glasses to view these pictures in 3-D
This crocus managed to push its way up through crushed stone in the driveway
Mary Ann planted daffodils last fall and they all came up.
Our front yard and street on an April morning
One of our furry friends found a tastey morsel and got comfortable in our front yard tree to enjoy it.
A stone foundation for a barn in mid-winter at our former home of 46 years in Mifford.
Powers' meadow in mid-summer
Main Street, across from the Baseball Hall of Fame in the Village of Cooperstown, 2002
"The Glimmerglass Queen" docked in Cooperstown ready for tours on Otsego Lake
1938 Ford root beer truck, family owned and operated since it was new, a perrenial at the county fair, and the source of my annual root beer float.
Harness Racing at the County Fair
Three acorns
Copley Plaza in Boston. I really like the way the older architecture is mirrored in the modern building.
Sailing on the Charles River in Boston
Pilings on the Charles River.
USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) anchored in Boston Harbor
Cannons on the deck of Old Ironsides
Street performer juggles very sharp knives at Quincy Market in Boston.
Pedestrian Bridge to Thayer Beach, Rossetti Natural Area, Colchester, Vermont
Lake Champlain flooding 2011
Mary Ann, Ellen, Dave, Santa Fe, C 1986-1990   Mary Ann and bike, Santa Fe, June, 1990
Mary Ann waits patiently while I take pictures in Blarney Castle, Ireland
Swans on the Thames just below Windsor Castle
Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain in central England
Mary Ann and I pose with the massive stones to give some scale to the size of this monument.
Gondolas moored near Piazza San Marco in Venice
View of a beautiful Tuscan valley from the walled town of Volterra
The fortified hill town of Volterra has buildings over a thousand years old.
Vernazza, a small coastal fishing village in the Cinque Terre region of Italy, as seen from the hiking trail between Vernazza and Monterosso
Some steps on the hiking trail in the hills above Vernazza
A "street" in the hillside village of Vernazza consists of a stone staircase.
A nightime walk in Vernazza
Looking across the river to the fortified hill city of Toledo in central Spain.
Covered walkway in Aviles, Spain
The cliffs at Busto on Spain's northern coast
Gulls on a cloudy day
"Hey buddy! Are you lookin' at my girl?
OK - so you have a couple of drinks in the hotel bar, take the elevator to the third floor and when you get off, you have to find your room..
General Grant's headquarters at City Point, Virginia
Old guy playing one of my favorite homemade guitars
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