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FREE Browser-Based Applications
Fun, Useful Applications in Web Page Form.

  Universal Calendar:
Printable calendar for any year 1800-2099
  Elegant Digital Clock:
Polished brass numerals, rich background, solar equivalent day
  Stand-up & Stretch Timer:
Avoid computer fatigue. Set to 5-60 min.
Includes suggested stretches.
  Measurement Converter:
All American and Metric values simultaneously
  Time Card Calculator:
Adds time periods, computes pay
  Automatic Note Transposing
Transpose songs from one key to another
  JokeMaster 2000:
As a humor device, it's not to be laughed at
Ancient Bean Game - Play computer or
2 players play each other
  Multi-Level Tic-Tac-Toe:
Four in a row on any level - or between levels

You may use these applications free of charge provided they remain intact and unchanged, including authoring credits.

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