The Civil War A History in 3-D Authentic Civil War Stereographs from 1861-1865

Civil War
From 1861-1865

Restored and Converted
For Anaglyph 3-D Glasses

This Beautiful, Large (8.5" x 11") Book
Includes 2 Pairs of 3-D Glasses

Between 1860 and 1910, stereoscopes were very popular - almost every parlor contained one. Many of the photographers who chronicled the American Civil War employed stereographic cameras. The stereo cards that they produced contain two images - one for each eye. When viewed with the stereoscope, each eye sees only the appropriate image, producing the illusion of three dimensions.

The photographs in this book were taken during the Civil War between 1861 and 1865. They have been digitally restored and converted to red/cyan anaglyphs so that each eye sees only one of the superimposed images and the 3-D effect is produced, just the way the photographers intended.

Narrative captions for each picture provide an in-depth perspective on the background and progress of the war, with photographs arranged both chronologically and by subject matter: locations, portraits, African Americans, prisoners of war, ships, ruins, war's end, etc. The book makes a perfect gift for Civil War enthusiasts, photography buffs, and students.
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“I have to thank you sincerely for sending me your book .... and congratulate you heartily on its excellence. ... I found this book absolutely gripping and thoroughly enjoyable.
In fact, I think it's had a deep effect on me. It's great to see a book with not only great handling of the pictures, but a totally clear vision of what is being put across, and great narrative. ...Now I feel, having read your book from cover to cover last night .. that I understand a little of what it really was like to be there. It is hugely moving ... but also very inspired for the battles we must still fight, for the equality of men...All the very best - I salute you !

Brian May, PHD, CBE
Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University
Author of the stereoscopic book "A Village Lost and Found" and
Guitarist with the world-famous rock quartet "Queen"
“Richard Loren Copley has added an exciting new dimension to the study of the Civil War by bringing images almost to life in his book, The Civil War A History in 3-D. It is a wonderful addition for the libraries of private collections, school collections, and those of various preservation groups. Copley provides an intriguing and interacting photographic technique that certainly will engage the imagination of young people as they study the Civil War.”

Harry Bradshaw Matthews
President, United States Colored Troops Institute
for Local History and Family Research and
Associate Dean, Hartwick College
“An ideal vehicle by which to gain an “up-close-and-personal” understanding of the Civil War from the perspectives of the participants. The pictures are wonderful, and go very well with the written material . . . the “3-D” is a very unique aspect of the book. You get the feeling that you are right there beside the people in the photographs. It should be required reading for every student studying the Civil War.”

Sue Clark
Eighth Grade Social Studies Educator
Marion Central School
Marion, New York
About the Author

Richard Loren Copley has been experimenting with 3-D photography for over 35 years, building stereographic film and digital cameras to capture the realism that only the third dimension of depth provides.
As an ex-teacher, museum exhibit designer, and website builder, he has a keen interest in history and a fascination with visual presentation. He and his wife, Mary Ann, have been married 60 years and lived in the scenic countryside near Cooperstown before recently moving to Oneonta, NY.
  Use red/cyan glasses for 3-D


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