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Energy and Peace

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Skip's Latest Album
1- Take Me With You
2- Hometown
3- Whippoorwill
4- Hard Hands
5- Hawk In The Wind
6- Two Plus Two Equals The Blues
7- Jack 0’ Trades
8- Soon Be Over
9- The Stillness Of December
10- Rhythm Of The Sea
11- My Taylor County Home
12- Angel In Need
13- One More Heart In Heaven
14- She Carries Me
15- The Only Thing
From the cypress swamps and gulf coast of Florida to the rolling farmland and mountains of upstate New York, Skip has spent the years raising his children with his wife Diane, teaching, writing and playing music.

“Some people keep a diary or a journal, some take photographs or home movies but I keep a running chronicle of life by writing, recording and performing songs. Love, family, friends, nature, politics and the state of the world are among the many things I have written about. My writing styles are the ones I grew up hearing mostly on the radio and include country, folk, early rock and roll, blues and swing. There are now more than one hundred and twenty songs in the collection I call The Country, Folk, Roots Rock Revival.”

Underground Classic Re-released from 1974
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Goin' Home Rainbow Promises
Time To Be Free
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