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Tour of the Month
The Tour of the Month will alternate easy, moderate, and difficult Tours to satisfy cyclists of all abilities.
2B - Glimmerglass "B" 31 Miles Moderate - 1400' climb @ 45 ft/mi

The Glimmerglass series explores the perimeter of beautiful Lake Otsego, the tranquil headwaters of the mighty Susquehanna River, and the famed "Glimmerglass" in James Fenimore Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales. An early morning departure is recommended to avoid traffic during the summer tourist season.

Glimmerglass "B" explores the lake's entire circumference. The route travels north following the lake's western shore on more heavily traveled State Route 80. After climbing east over "The Sleeping Lion," Mount Wellington, the tour returns to Cooperstown following the rolling and lightly traveled East Lake Road.

Plan time to visit the many points of interest along the way. Swim and picnic at the Glimmerglass State Park.

How to Use the Cue Sheet

Print the cue sheet so that it provides directions for a tour on one side of the page and a map of that tour on the other side of the page: (Set margins to "0" in your browser's Page Setup. Set your printer for "Best Graphics" in Print Setup ).

The box at the top of the cue sheet states the name and the number of the tour, the starting location, the distance to be biked, the climbing data, and tour combinations/options.

The box in the middle of the cue sheet lists the symbols used in the cue sheet directions.

The box at the bottom of the cue sheet helps you interpret the climb rating.

The cue sheet is divided into 4 quadrants:

The quadrants provide compact route directions using the symbols listed in the middle of the cue sheet. The route directions are conveniently visible when the cue sheet is folded in 4 and attached to your handlebar with a BYCUE cue sheet holder.

The quadrants containing directional instructions are divided into columns. From left to right the columns indicate the total accumulated mileage, the direction to turn at that mileage, the presence (or absence) of a traffic sign at that location, the name of the road onto which you turn, and the distance to the next direction (the next leg distance).

The quadrants also list Points of Interest along the way, provide a brief narrative description of the tour, and provide ancillary information such as bike shops, counties, tour combinations and route options.

Cue Sheet How To Use Cue Sheet Tour Map
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