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Two Bike Books in One!
A detailed Instruction Manual shows you how to bike anywhere.
A unique Tour Guide shows you where to bike in the Cooperstown, New York area.
...the road riding here rivals any eastern touring hotspot - Bill Strickland, BICYCLING magazine.
My thunder, what a tour de force! "I'm impressed" doesn't do justice to your new book. It's one of the most attractive books I've seen on any subject, and your writing is fun and inviting.
John Schubert. Vice President of the League of American Bicyclists and
Technical Editor of Adventure Cyclist magazine
"The how-to-bike section is simply phenomenal. The instructions are clear, complete, and concise. This book is destined to become bicycling reference material"
Eric Bravin. Cyclist
  "The 50 tours in this book are beautiful and well designed. The cue sheets are incredibly detailed, convenient, and easy to use. Though I'm a local resident, the tours bring me on mini-vacations to back roads I've never explored and to points of interest I've never visited."
Robert Iversen. Cyclist
Finally! A bicycle tour guide for the Cooperstown area of New York -
Cooperstown is home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the Farmers' Museum, the Fenimore House Museum, the Glimmerglass Opera, and James Fenimore Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales. This is a beautiful land of north-south river valleys separated by east-west ridges. The scenery is spectacular. The backroads are traffic-free. And the bicycling is superb!
Finally! A bicycle tour guide designed for both the beginner and the experienced cyclist.
  • An entertaining, clearly written, and detailed how-to bike Instruction Manual gets the novice on the road and expands the knowledge of the experienced cyclist.
  • 50 carefully designed rides ranging from 7 to 100 relatively flat to definitely mountainous miles - appeal to cyclists of all abilities.
Finally! A bicycle tour guide with tear-out Cue Sheets.
Each of the 50 sheets:
  • gives directions in compact lines of easy-to-read "cues" (instructions).
  • provides a detailed, individual tour map.
  • includes a concise narrative description of the tour.
  • states the tour's distance, feet climbed, and degree of difficulty.
  • lists points of interest along the way, food stops, bike shops, counties visited, tour interconnections, and route options.
Finally! A tour guide organized like a bicycle rally.
  • Tours leave in many directions from the same starting point.
  • Families and groups with members of differing abilities can bike "together".
  • Bike for a day, week, month, or season from the same Cooperstown "home base."
The Author
Dennis Savoie has lived and practiced medicine in Cooperstown, N.Y. since 1971. He is an avid recreational and touring cyclist who has written his own detailed version of how-to bike and who has invented an improved tear-out cue sheet that lets you leave the bulky tour book at home. After 4 years of effort, thousands of miles biked, and countless rewrites, he is proud to present Cranks from Cooperstown.
At 52, Dennis, married with three sons, is a member of the League of American Bicyclists, the New York State Bicycling Coalition, and the Adventure Cycling Association.
Since 1983 he's biked 66,129 accident-free miles. He invites you to do the same.
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